Rust-A-Void® Interior & Exterior


Rust-A-Void® - Alkyd Polyurethane Int/Ext Enamel 

Rust‐A‐Void Rust Preventative Polyurethane Enamels create an easy‐to‐apply, durable, rust‐inhibitive film that prolongs the integrity of the substrate. It is formulated to offer a high quality, durable semi‐gloss enamel finish on interior or exterior metal surfaces where a rust preventative
coating is needed.


  • Durable Rust-Preventive Coating
  • Tenacious adhesion
  • Suitable for use as a DTM Coating
  • Non-Chalking
  • Interior/Exterior

Recommended For

A durable rust preventive coating for metal substrates in commercial, institutional, and residential applications.


  • Do not apply if rain is threatening or if the temperature is within 5 degrees of the dew point and falling.
  • Not recommended for immersion service.

Additional Product Information

Rust-A-Void™ Enamel - Satin (R651):

Rust-A-Void™ Enamel - Semi-Gloss (R13):

Rust-A-Void™ Enamel - Gloss (R31):

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